Bride Defends Her Action to Strap Her Baby to Her Bridal Train

Ripley, Tennessee – Bride Shona Carter-Brooks married her partner and the father of her baby girl this past May 12 at the Elam Baptist Church in this small town of 8,000 people on the state’s eastern border. Sometimes when couples with children marry, the children take part in the wedding ceremony. They can serve as a ring bearer, flower girl, and if they are old enough even be grooms or brides maids. Well, the child in question was too young to perform any such duty, but that didn’t stop her mother from allowing her to take part in the ceremony. She was given the task of minding the bridal trail in a most unique way: she was strapped to it.

Admittedly, the photograph of a baby attached to the bridal train is one which invokes a perplexed response from onlookers, but it was the mother’s wedding and it was her call. However, the response on social media has been less than sympathetic to Mrs. Carter-Brooks. Responses at the Daily Mail’s website have said the decision lacked taste and put the child in grave danger. At another blog site, a person insinuated that Mrs. Carter-Brooks was in severe need of intelligence.

Mrs. Carter-Brooks has responded back to those who have criticized her. It probably wasn’t a good move on two counts. For starters, it only tends to egg people on as it makes their criticism become more of pride battle and race to see who gets in the last word. Also, the newly wed mother is less than articulate and her line of reasoning, which was admittedly provincial, bordered on religiosity. In other words, she invoked religion, namely her faith in Christ, as providing cover in her decision. It should be noted that, predictably, the criticism continued to pour in. This led to a second terser, but equally difficult to understand, response from Mrs. Carter-Brooks which was again rooted in religiosity.

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