Beyoncé Gives Fans an Ugly Cry at Finale of Her World Tour

Lisbon, Portugal – It is a sure sign of your age or social detachment from the mainstream of societal evolution if hearing a person state they will make an “ugly cry” invokes thoughts of a horrid shriek or wretched weeping and wailing. In colloquial terms, it is the type of cry a person makes when they don’t hold back and just keep it real with people. Such was the case Thursday night at the MEO arena, one of the European Union’s largest indoor venues with a seating capacity of 20,000.

In front of a sold out crowd, the pop diva known as Beyoncé capped off a 132 concert world tour called “Mrs. Carter”. The tour officially booted up in Belgrade, Serbia on the date known in the USA as tax day, April 15. From that point on, she performed her songs before sold out crowds in Australia, Asia, South America and North America. Now that it is done, it is official that the “Mrs. Carter” tour is the most successful tour by a female artist in music history. In all, it raked in $186 million. Put another way, in her one year of work, her concert revenue alone generated what the average American earns in their 40-year working career 90 times over.

For her part, the singer let it all hang out as she cried before the crowd on her final number. She must certainly have felt the nostalgia for the tour. The CD her tour was supporting was released without any notice to fans on iTunes. In a testament to her popularity, the album debuted at #1 meaning the queen of pop doesn’t need to spend a single dollar on advertising costs to promote her music. Her thug husband Jay-Z, who admittedly learned his business prowess harming people as a crack cocaine dealer, supported her onstage on a few occasions.

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