BC Ferries Christmas tree makes passengers laugh

The crew of the ferry that connects Port Hardy to Prince Rupert managed to make passengers smile behind their masks by decorating a tree with objects that have been part of everyday life since the start of the pandemic.

With medical gloves for balls and a toilet seat in place of the traditional star, this Christmas tree from BC Ferries captured Joshua Aziz’s attention last Friday. His photograph sparked more than a thousand reactions on the social network Twitter.

People seem to like this damn tree.

Joshua Aziz, a passenger

Joshua Aziz notes that the puffy gloves look a bit like turkeys.

The Christmas tree is embellished with hand-painted toilet paper rolls, emoticons depicting poop, and a suction cup to unclog the toilet bowls, perhaps an evocation of the rush to shops to buy toilet paper , in last march.

The tree also bears an old logo recalling the wearing of the compulsory mask. The design was withdrawn at the end of November after having aroused the laughter of Internet users who saw it as a phallic symbol.

By email, BC Ferries says it tried to instill a bit of humor in a situation it takes very seriously. The crew recalls that the pandemic affects everyone , notes the company.

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