Ashley Madison, Online Adultery Site, Gets Hacked & Threatened

When it comes to adultery, there may be no better website to facilitating the extramarital encounter like Ashley Madison. The site has a motto insinuating the ease with which married people can privately enjoy the experience with minimal risk of being caught. In fact, users of the service can have their information permanently wiped clean at the website for a small fee of just $19.00. Last year, the company is reported to have made $1.7 million from that fee alone. That would suggest that 90,000 people made use of the delete service.

However, the website has been hacked. In addition, the cyber intruder(s) are making threats to expose the personal information of its customers unless its demand is met; the hackers want Ashley Madison to shut down. That is not going to happen. In fact, the site has hired what they say is the one of the globe’s most reputable IT Security teams to combat the hackers. The site has also engaged law enforcement who are investigating the intrusion as a violation of the law. For their part, the hackers claim that the delete service is a ruse as full personal information regarding customers is retained such as actual name, address, and credit card information.

At least one group of people is thrilled over the prospect of Ashley Madison’s attack: divorce lawyers. Given the hacker’s claim to have personal data and evidence of adulterous encounters, millions of the website’s customers may be exposed as cheating husbands or cuckolding wives. Obviously, the information can be used by their spouses to secure favorable terms in a divorce such as the amount and duration of alimony, division of assets, and child custody. In the past, it has been reported that divorce cases have been filed after a spouse found evidence of their partner Ashley Madison. For now, the website’s customers have to wait and see if they get exposed by the hackers.

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