App Developer Cautions that the Gold Rush Era of App Money Making is Over

Toronto, Ontario – Like the California Gold Rush of 1847, and subsequent Silver Rushes in Colorado, Nevada, and the Klondike, there is always an official end. The point at which the end is reached usually comes with supply exhausted and the field full of prospectors. While demand for quality apps remains big, it is the sheer number of apps flooding the market that make it harder for a new app to get noticed. This is the caution of seasoned app developer Matt Coombe who is the co-founder of “Get Set Games”.

By no means is Coombe saying that money cannot be made in writing a killer app, but he is saying that the sheer number of apps which have already flooded the Apple Store and Google Play, the two biggest app markets, makes it harder to make money. In his opinion, the odds of scoring a popular app such as “Flappy Bird” is starting to become more like the odds of winning the lottery.

Coombe still recalls the glorious early days of the Smartphone App Gold Rush when a person could write a fun app and collect a comfortable stream of income from the sales. While it is still possible to achieve that, the number of people succeeding compared to the number submitting applications is small. Apparently, he knows what he’s talking about. His company scored a #1 app in 2010 with “Mega Jump” and just returned to the top spot again with the latest version of the app. The success of this latest version has been huge with the app taking top spot in the key markets of Canada and the United States while also reaching #1 in 100 other nations. However, the app didn’t stay atop the charts for very long and within days had plunged. It was a classic example of how hard it now is to make continual revenue in such a crowded field of quality apps.

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