Alina Kovalevskaya: Human Barbie

Heidi Montag may have to back off the pursuit of perfection. Introducing Alina Kovalevskaya, the next competitor for the human Barbie crown. With a striking main of flowing red hair, Alina gets enough attention, but as of late, her physical appearance and form has the public comparing her to the iconic fashion model doll that has entranced prepubescent girls for decades.

While Kovalevskaya is adamant that she has never had a bit of plastic surgery, some are skeptical. The fact of the matter is most female celebrities who are seeking physical improvement live their lives with their plastic surgeons. Alina, however, states clearly that what we see is natural; no Botox, implants, or lifts involved.

When the model dons her blond tresses she does, indeed, bear an eerie resemblance to the doll, but while these comparisons take place among those who keep a close eye on celebrity behavior, those who know her swear that her beauty is a gift, requiring no surgery to maintain or improve it. This beautiful woman is currently captivating the hearts of many with her innocent beauty and large doe eyes.

Kovalevskaya has been under a bit of scrutiny for off the cuff comments she had made previously regarding children of mixed race, referring to these individuals as the “degeneration of beauty”. Her personal opinions in this arena have indeed brought criticism her direction. Regardless, she stands firm in her opinions at all times, and continues to thrive in her career goals.

With so many women in the entertainment industry resorting to plastic improvement, it is indeed a breath of fresh air to see Alina show us the beauty she has been naturally gifted with. While it is the hope of her fan base that her personal opinions will be less restricting regarding mixed race and beauty, fans are still entranced by her, and her following will probably not dwindle too soon.

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